These new answers work with the “questions” you already have—while adding a dose of timely, if not unnerving humor. 

Simply download the COVID-19 Card pack and invite your friends or family to play a few rounds over Zoom or FaceTime or whichever social platform best suits your home broadband capabilities.

Then, just stay the fuck home and enjoy this uncomfortably relevant version of this popular game you probably already play at home (without a federal mandate).


Cards Against FOR Humanity

(Covid-19 Edition!)

A completely unauthorized add-on pack


How Do I Get It?

While the card pack is free, we'd like to suggest a donation to the Red Cross as "payment". $500, $5 or 5¢, everything helps.

We hope this card pack helps make staying home—which we implore you to do—a little more fun. With a little luck and a lot of science, this will all be over soon. In the meantime, laughter is a more proven medicine than Hydroxychloroquine.

Stay home. Stay safe.

Mike, Andrew, Brett & Devin

(The completely unauthorized makers of this thing)